Communications Support for Exercise Ferries

posted Dec 28, 2012, 6:55 AM by Jeff Gebhart
As someone who has spent most of his CAP time in the ES side of things, I've been to plenty of SAREXs.

One issue we have quite often is being unable to receive status updates from crews (both aircraft and ground) while they are inbound to the exercise, or on their way home.

As a value add of our Communications Program, I'd like to arrange for communications support for routine checkins for people ferrying to and from SAREXs.

For January, we have two SAREXs that can use support:
January 11-13:  Mission Aircrew School in Group 2
January 18-20:  Combined SAREX in RKW and UCY (Groups 1 & 4)

If you are available, please go to:  SAREX Ferry Support Communications Form and let us know your availability for these exercises.